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1) Pick your quantity and flavor(s)
Variety Pack

A: 12 Macarons - $24 (2 Flavors)

B: 18 Macarons - $36 (2 Flavors)

C: 24 Macarons - $48 (3 Flavors)

D: 30 Macarons - $60 (3 Flavors)

E: 36 Macarons - $72 (3 Flavors)


*For any orders over 3 dozen, there will be a maximum flavor amount of 1 flavor per dozen. (Ex. 4 orders of Package A will allow up to 4 flavors, not 8!)

*Please keep in mind that 2 orders of Package A will still result in a maximum of 3 flavors. 


Mystery Box

A: 12 Macarons - $20

B: 24 Macarons - $40


Max: 24 macarons per order


*Mystery box macarons may contain cracked shells but they are still fresh and flavorful! With this option, you will not be able to choose your own selection of macarons. You will be receiving a random assortment of 3-4 flavors



Cake Batter





Cookie Butter

Cookie Dough

Cookies N Cream

Earl Grey

Ferrero Rocher 

Fruity Pebbles


Green Tea Kit Kat

Green Tea Kit Kat



Nutella S'mores



Red Velvet

Salted Caramel




Thai Tea

Thin Mint


Fall &  

Apple Pie

Blood Splatter  (Till Oct.)


Caramel Apple

Cinnamon Roll

Egg Nog

French Vanilla 


Pecan Pie

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Mocha 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Rocky Road

Salted Dark Chocolate


If you have an allergy,
please let us know! 
* Macarons contain: Eggs, Dairy, and Nut products.
* Macarons may contain gluten.
* Made in a facility that works with products that contain gluten
     = Gluten
     = Most
2) What date and time would you like them by?

Let us know what date and time works best for you!

   *Please allow at least 1 week to complete your order. The further in advance that your order is placed, the better!*


We offer pick-up or deliver!

   *Pick-up will be in Milpitas, CA

   *There will be an additional charge for delivery depending on the location

We also offer custom shapes, colors, and designs!

   *For any customized work, there will be an additional charge. Message us for more details

   *For any customized order, there is a minimum order requirement of 1 dozen macarons per design and per flavor.

   *Please allow at least 2 weeks to complete your custom order. The further in advance that your order is placed, the better!*


Please let us know in the ordering form below if you would like to include a special note with your macarons

3) Any additional details?
4) Fill out the ordering form below!

Please include in the Message Box:

1) Package(s) and flavor(s)

2) - Due Date (Please allow at least 1 week to

        complete your order & 2 weeks for custom orders) 

    - Pick up or Delivery 

      (Pick up location is in San Jose, CA)

    - Pick up or Delivery time preferred

    - Address for Delivery (If applicable)

3) Any extra details you would like to 


    (Ex: specific colors, decorations, shapes, etc.)


*Please keep in mind that customized macarons will be

an additional charge! Thank you! 


We will get back to you as soon as we can!

*Please allow 2-3 days for a response, if not earlier! If you do not hear back from me, check your spam folder! If I have not responded back to you, feel free to give me a call or text at 408.471.6873 (And PLEASE leave a message if I do not pick up) 

     San Jose, CA

     Stay Fancy!     

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