Behind the Flavors

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I am Fancy Flavors

In January of 2012, my business partner, and I started our journey together to allow ourselves to have an outlet for our creativity. She was the Fancy and I was the Flavors.

With the support of our friends and families, we created Fancy Flavors, a small bakery that specialized in French Macarons, cupcakes, and cakes as well as crystal keychain beaded animals. Fancy Flavors allowed us to showcase our talents and serve our community. Together we participated in charity events, community events, and even started to wholesale to a local restaurant!

Unfortunately, after a year of working together, we decided to terminate our business partnership. With the many challenges of running a business, it was in the best of both of our interests to redirect our focus to what we truly wanted in our careers.

I decided to continue running Fancy Flavors as the sole owner. I did not want this to deter me from my dreams of owning my own bakery with a storefront. So from there, I took Fancy Flavors into a new direction with an emphasis and speciality in French Macarons. 

You may be asking, "Wait, but you sold cakes and cupcakes?" and Yes! That is correct! But after making a handful of cakes and cupcakes, I realized that I did not have the passion for it as I did for making French Macarons. I was able to express myself and allow the creativity to flow with each and every macaron I made.

I have been pursing my dreams as a pastry chef since I was twelve. As I grew older, I began to bake frequently for my friends and family. Upon high school graduation, I entered a local culinary competition and won 1st place against 48 competitors which granted me a full scholarship to the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA. Crazy! 


I studied business at De Anza College while attending culinary school simultaneously.  I graduated culinary school with a degree in Baking and Pastry and completed a two month internship at world renowned Pebble Beach Golf Resort in Monterey, CA. 

I worked at a small local family bakery for 3 years, earned my bachelors degree at San Jose State University in Business Management, and worked at Bon Appetit Management Company as a Pastry Lead Cook for 3 years, all while running Fancy Flavors in my free time. 

As of 2018, I have taken the GIANT leap to going 100% full time into Fancy Flavors with determination to grow and open up a physical bakery location in 2020. 

But my story doesn't end here

As a young Asian American Female Entrepreneur based in the Silicon Valley, I hope to inspire anyone who wants to turn their dreams into a reality. I want to encourage them to break through that glass ceiling and tear down those barriers!! So all of you ladies (and men!), I BELIEVE in you! You CAN do it!! You have the ability to reach your full potential!



     San Jose, CA

     Stay Fancy!     


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