Our Mission

& Our Core Values

We are devoted to serve in the Greater San Jose Area with delicious, unique, and freshly made desserts. Our mission is to create an unforgettable experience paired with extraordinary treats. Our passion for creating desserts with fresh, high quality ingredients are essential to exceeding the expectations of our clients. 


Fancy Flavors was built from the dreams and the unwavering passion of opening a bakery. As an Asian-American, female entrepreneur, small business based bakeshop located in the Silicon Valley, we want to inspire anyone and everyone to follow their dreams and BREAK that glass ceiling! We love and value entrepreneurs. With a little bit of hard work, we believe that YOU CAN and have the ABILITY to create that life you have always wanted. 


Transparency in Quality

Fancy Flavors has devoted years to perfecting the French Macaron. With every batch, we try to make the next one better. We source the highest quality ingredients to provide a fine and delicate confectionary. It starts off from California grown almonds, C&H Sugar and Powdered Sugar, Cage Free Eggs, and rBST free Butter from grass fed cows. 

Our fillings are made with REAL fruit puree locally sourced, Valrhona Cocoa Powder, Belgium Dark and White chocolate, Japanese Matcha, Italian espresso, REAL nuts, and so much more goodness. Click Here for our full list of available Macaron flavors


We are continuously curating more desserts. Send me an email at FancyFlavors@hotmail.com for more information!


     San Jose, CA

     Stay Fancy!     

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